A prison sentence was sentenced to a male operator in her 40s who raped or molested female guests staying in her guesthouse.

Today (20th), the 2nd Criminal Division of the Jeju District Court (Chief Judge Chan-soo Jang) announced that he was sentenced to imprisonment after acknowledging charges such as rape of 43-year-old A.

Mr. A was charged with sexual assault on the victim by breaking into a room where a female guest was sleeping at dawn on November 25 last year. On November 29, just four days after the crime, charges of forcibly harassing another victim were revealed.

Throughout the investigation, Mr. A denied the alleged sexual assault and claimed to have "consented sex," but only confessed to the crime when the victim went to court to testify.

The court sentenced Mr. A to five years in prison, saying, "It is questionable whether the defendant truly reflects, and the victim is petitioning severe punishment." Under the current criminal law, "a person who rapes a person for assault or intimidation is subject to imprisonment for three years or more."

The judge said, "The legal punishment is so far, but sexual assault is like murder for a woman."

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