In connection with the overturning of a ship in Uiam Lake in Chuncheon, Gangwon, where 4 people died and 2 people were missing, the police today (12th) set out to seizure and search 11 locations including Chuncheon City Hall and an artificial aquatic island management company.

The'Uiamho Distress Accident Investigation Team', composed of detectives from the Gangwon Provincial Police Office and Chuncheon Police Station, is conducting seizure and search for 11 locations including Chuncheon City Hall and artificial water island installation and management companies from 1:30 pm today.

This seizure and search was conducted to secure documents related to'Installation and Management of Artificial Water Island in Uiamho', whether to'work orders' on the day of the accident, and to'cope with the situation before and after the accident'.

A total of 25 people were mobilized, including the head of the Chuncheon Police Station, for the seizure and search.

In addition, four digital forensic specialists also participated in the seizure search to confiscate electronic information such as computers and laptops.

The investigation team will analyze the evidence secured through seizure and search, and comprehensively collect various CCTVs, vehicle black boxes, call details, and related person statements, etc., which have been secured so far, to transparently investigate the accident without any doubt.

Above all, the investigation is focused on why a number of ships, including three accident ships, were put into unreasonable securing work in a dangerous situation with heavy rain and dam discharge in full swing.

At around 11:34 am on the 6th, three ships, including a private rubber boat, an environmental monitoring ship, and a police boat, were overturned at 500m above the Uiam Dam in Seomyeon, Chuncheon City.

Seven people were missing in this accident, one has been rescued and four have been found dead to this day.

Two have not yet been found.

(Photo = Yonhap News)