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are strong rains all over the metropolitan area, Gangwon, and Chungnam regions. In particular, heavy rain has concentrated in the northern part of Gyeonggi Province, and heavy rain warnings have been issued in the Paju and Yeoncheon areas. Reporters from the Imjin River Gunnam Dam will once again connect. 

Please report the situation of reporter Cho Yun-ha.


I am now at the Gunnam Dam on the Imjin River. 

Here, as the thick raindrops repeat from the morning, as you can see behind me, it is raining and stopping now, but the thick raindrops started again a little while ago. 

The Imjin River Gunnam Dam opens seven of the 13 gates and releases water. 

Normally it discharges about 30 tons per second when it is not raining, but now it discharges about 445 tons per second due to heavy rain. 

Due to the morning rain, the water level of Pilseung Bridge in the northernmost part of the Imjin River has risen to 1.4m beyond the evacuation level of 1m. 

As a result, Gyeonggi-do warned attention by sending a disaster message to nearby residents about evacuation around the river at about 2:10 am today. 

The level of the Biryong Bridge, located downstream of the Imjin River, is now about 1.9m, more than twice the level of 0.9m. 

It has just stopped for a while, but from 6 pm yesterday evening to 1 pm today, it rained 115 mm in Paju, 98 mm in Yeoncheon, and heavy rain warnings are still maintained. 

As rain in the northern part of Gyeonggi caused by the rainy season continues, the level of rivers in the nearby rivers may suddenly rise, so it seems necessary to pay attention to the safety of summer campers.