Although the number of new coroners in Korea in the 19th is going up and down the line of 50 people, the quarantine authorities say that the situation is not serious enough to upgrade the'social distance' from stage 1 to stage 2.

Although the number of new double-digit confirmers per day continues for more than ten days, quarantine authorities believe that it is unlikely that foreign influenza infection will spread to the community because they are all filtered during quarantine or quarantine.

Tae-ho Yoon, head of the Center for Prevention and Accidents at the Central Accident Remediation Headquarters, said in a recent briefing on the situation in Korea at the Corona 19 situation briefing on the 7th.

“In particular, from February to March of this year, foreigners came to Korea from the quarantine and came out to the community without much filtering in quarantine. However, since April, most cases have been confirmed during the quarantine and inspection process. "I explained.

He said, "The high proportion of foreign entrants (from all new confirmed persons) means that the number of confirmed cases in Korea is (relatively) small, and that the (prevention network) can afford it."

Yeong-rae Son, head of the Strategic Planning Division, said, "All foreign influenza are being screened in quarantine or quarantine. If the influx of foreign countries increases, the treatment burden increases, but there is little risk of spread."

As the situation in Corona 19 was prolonged, the quarantine authorities prepared to operate the response organization and system at all times.

"There have been few new infectious diseases that have been responding for more than six months. Corona19 is highly likely to continue, considering foreign conditions and opinions from various experts in Korea," Ban said.

He said, "If Corona 19 is prolonged, it is necessary to create an organization suitable for it. In order to match the virus characteristics, it is necessary to reorganize the countermeasure organizations such as the Central Accident Prevention Headquarters and the Central Defense Countermeasures Headquarters." I explained.