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anniversary of the American Independence Day, dozens of foreigners set off firecrackers at Haeundae in Busan. However, some of them created dangerous situations, such as shooting firecrackers at citizens, and the police were dispatched.

This is the case/accident news, Seo Dong-gyun.


A black man dressed in red shoots firecrackers from the driveway toward the sky and buildings.

[Busan citizen: You shouldn't go over there in the building.] The

dispatched police officers are trying to dry, but the men are not concerned.

Even firecrackers create dangerous situations for the citizens around them.

[Busan citizen: (firecrackers) In many places, people shoot at buildings, and if they shoot firecrackers, the police go to catch them again. .]

Yesterday (4th) Dozens of foreigners set off firecrackers at Haeundae Square in Busan from around 6 pm yesterday evening.

Upon receiving the report, the police dispatched a group of foreigners who dangerously fired firecrackers.

However, he said there were no casualties during the night and no foreigners were hired.

A burning flame burns in a vehicle stopped right in front of a subway station.

At 6:30 yesterday, a passenger car burned in front of a subway station in Songpa-gu, Seoul.

The fire department is investigating the cause of the accident based on the driver's words that the vehicle engine caught fire during operation.

At about 9 o'clock last night, a fire broke out in an apartment building in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, causing people to evacuate.

There were no casualties, and the fire extinguished in 25 minutes.