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80-year-old grandmother, who was attacked by two large dogs of the same breed as a military or police dog, died yesterday (3 days) while being treated for two months. This is a dog raised by a celebrity, and it's controversial, but the police went directly to the investigation to see if it was dead directly.

Reporter Shim Young-gu.


On the 4th of May, a woman in her 80s, who was picking herbs in her home garden in Gyeonggi-do, was bitten by two dogs who suddenly ran.

The woman who injured her thigh and arm was immediately taken to the hospital.

[Firefighters transferring victims: (at the time) The consciousness was clear. The patient had low blood pressure and a rapid pulse and was transported while receiving fluids.] The

dogs were large dogs weighing 20 kg and were in the yard of the house without a muzzle and a neckline, and jumped over an adult height fence to attack a woman.

The dog owner was actor Kim Min-kyo who lived in the neighborhood.

The woman, who had been treated for two months after the accident, died yesterday.

The police commissioned an autopsy to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation to reveal the exact cause of the victim's death.

[Police officials: (victim) died, so we need to investigate. Now, when the (autopsy) result comes out. (To Kim) I'll have to see if there's any negligence.] When

the autopsy results come out, the police will call Kim to investigate the accident.

If it is concluded that the victim was bitten and died by Mr. Kim's dog, Kim may be charged with negligence in petty law or neglect of dog protection under the Animal Protection Act.

A negligent death sentence can be sentenced to a maximum of two years in prison, a fine of 7 million won, and a death penalty due to negligence, up to three years in prison and a fine of 30 million won.

The number of dog bite accidents counted by the fire department of 2.1 million dogs registered in Korea is over 2,000 each year, and 30% of the victims are aged 60 or older.

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