It was confirmed that Kang Hoon (19), the accomplice of Cho Joo-bin, the operator of the telegram'Parkbang' who distributed sexual exploitation videos, was expelled from the university where he was attending.

Seoul National University of Science and Technology recently opened the Student Guidance Committee and decided to expel Kangwon who entered the first grade this year.

Due to the university's academic rules, disciplinary punishment consists of four levels: probation, organic suspension, inorganic suspension, and expulsion. Expulsion processing is divided into expulsion recommendations and expulsion.

Kang-gun is known to have been ordered to expel from the school, the heaviest disposition, which is impossible for readmission.

It was reported that the university made the disposition after the president's final decision on the 29th of last month.

Ganggun writes a nickname of'buta' at the beginning of the establishment of'Dr. Dr. Bang', requests victims to produce sexual exploitation videos, and assists Jo Joo-bin to administer doctoral offices, promote public relations, and withdraw profits from sexual exploitation on the 6th of last month. That's it.

(Photo = Yonhap News)