It is expected that the mobile phone password used by Jo Joo-bin (24, prison), the operator of the Telegram 'Dr. Bang', which produced and distributed sexual exploitation, will be released, and investigations such as accomplices will be boosted.

The National Police Agency's Digital Sex Crimes Investigation Headquarters announced that after about two months of forensic work, it had succeeded in decrypting the Galaxy S9 among the two mobile phones of Jo Joo-bin in the morning (15th).

An official at the National Police Agency said, "I immediately handed my cell phone over to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency investigating the 'Parkbang' incident as soon as the password of S9 was released.

Earlier, police arrested Cho Joo-bin on March 16, seized and searched for his house, seizing the Galaxy and iPhone phones one by one.

Police are still working on unlocking iPhone passwords.

The police are handing over the new recruits to Joo-bin to the prosecution, and at the same time investigating the paid members of the 'Park's room' operated by him.

It is expected that Cho Joo-bin's mobile phone password decryption will speed up the investigation.

The police have been struggling to secure evidence by narrowing the search network for paid members, but not through the cooperation of the online online messenger Telegram.

In addition, it would be possible to obtain clues to substantiate the allegations of criminal group organization by Joo-bin Joo.

Meanwhile, the police arrested 77 people by arresting 536 people involved in a total of 541 cases related to digital sexual crimes conducted by social networking services (SNS) such as telegrams.

If you look at 536 by type, there are 130 sexual exploitation producers and operators, 172 diffusers, 223 holders, and 11 others.

Of the 541 cases, 75 were sent to the prosecution, and the remaining 466 are still under investigation.

The age group of 536 suspects is 173 in their teens, 218 in their 20s, 102 in their 30s, 33 in their 40s, and 10 in their 50s or older.

The total number of victims is 345.

Among them, 291 age groups whose identity was confirmed are 173 in their teens, 84 in their 20s, 23 in their 30s, 6 in their 40s, and 5 in their 50s or older.