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In 2009, horse armor, worn by Musa in the Silla period, was unearthed in Gyeongju.

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In 2009, horse armor found in the graves of Gyeomsam, Gyeongju, received full attention from academia in its complete form without traces of robbery.

It is made of 740 iron scales to help the horse move well during battle, 290 cm long and 90 cm wide.
Concerned about the damage, the National Institute of Cultural Heritage of Gyeongju moved the whole armor, which weighed 28 tons, after the simulation.

As a result of trying hard for preservation for 10 years, I was able to finally succeed in the restoration.

The lab said that the horses in this armor were similar or slightly larger in size to the pony at this time, and that horses at the time might have been superior breeds.

The institute plans to exhibit armor and reproductions at the end of June with the National Gyeongju Museum as early as June.

The netizens responded, such as, "It's a great thing to restore the armor so vividly 1500 years ago!"