Nowadays, many countries, including Korea, are refraining from gathering for a while and have a social distance, but Sweden in Northern Europe has the opposite policy to maintain daily life as usual.

It is a reckless experiment, a scientific choice, and the evaluations are mixed, and the background was covered by a medical journalist Cho Dong-chan.


Sweden banned the gathering of more than 50 people, but with the exception of schools, restaurants, and gymnasiums, virtually every day life was done.

[Enders Technel / Sweden Public Health Department Epidemiology Specialist: It is impossible to continue an extreme 'social distance' policy, such as closing for 4 to 5 months.]

Currently, transcripts are worse than neighboring countries that have adopted a social distance policy.

There are more confirmed cases or deaths than Norway and Denmark.

Sweden Why did you choose this?

If the number of patients increases sharply, the number of people who cannot receive treatment increases. At this time, the social distance can slow the increase of patients and reduce the damage.

However, if the distance is prolonged, the ability of the medical resource to handle the patient may fall, causing damage again.

This is because the closing policy increases the fatigue of health care workers raising children, and the telecommuting work also reduces the productivity of medicine and medical device companies.

Without treatment drugs or vaccines, deaths can be much greater in the second pandemic than in the first pandemic in 1910, as in the Spanish flu.

In the first epidemic, Sweden determined that infecting 60% of the population and creating a group immunity could reduce the number of deaths in the long run.

But there is a risk.

[Kim Dong-Hyeon / Chairman of the Korean Society of Epidemiology: A disease with a fatality rate of 10-20% in the 70s and 80s.

The success or failure of the Corona19 Thatcher in Sweden can be verified by the final number of deaths after the epidemic of an infectious disease.

(Video coverage: Seungwon Park, Video editing: Oh-young Oh)

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