The personal details of 4.9 million people from Georgia were posted online on Saturday, ZDNet reports Monday. The country has over 3.7 million inhabitants. The American news site, which has viewed the database, concludes that it partly concerns data of deceased persons.

The leaked database contains first and last names, addresses, dates of birth, identification numbers and mobile phone numbers, according to ZDNet . It is believed that a large part of the Georgian population was affected by the leak.

The existence of the leaked database has been confirmed by the Georgian Electoral Council, CEC, which said in a statement that the data is not from the body. "The CEC manages information on 3.5 million persons entitled to vote and of course does not contain information about deceased persons," said the Electoral Council.

The CEC also notes that it does not process information such as telephone numbers or ID numbers to establish the electoral roll for Georgian elections. It is unclear what the origin of the data is. According to ZDNet , the Georgian authorities are investigating the data breach.