At the Seoul Paik Hospital, a patient in his 70s who had been hospitalized because of a stomachache was confirmed to have been infected with Corona19. By the way, this patient, when I was first admitted, said that I lived in Seoul.

I am a reporter.


On August 3, A 78-year-old female patient, who lived in Daegu, visited Seoul Paik Hospital's Gastroenterology Department.

Mr. A complained of vomiting and abdominal pain and was hospitalized the same day.

Mr. A is said to have lived in Mapo-gu, Seoul, where her daughter resides.

However, after being hospitalized, I talked to Daegu several times in the hospital room, and I suspected the hospital's suspicion.

And yesterday (7th), I did a corona 19 test and got confirmed this morning.

A was told that he was living in Daegu after hearing the confirmation.

[Seoul Paik Hospital officials: You never said that you were from Daegu, and you didn't talk about Daegu even when the medical staff asked you several times. However, when I delivered the confirmation, he told me that my house had moved to Daegu and my daughter's residence. The pastor of the church in Daegu told me that he was confirmed. .]

Mr. A is in quarantine until 7:00 am. In the afternoon, he was taken to a national hospital.

Seoul Paik Hospital closed some of the wards, including outpatient and emergency departments, and quarantined the medical staff and staff who had contact with the patient.

All hospitalized patients were screened, relocated and disinfected.

The hospital is currently working with the Epidemiology Investigation Team of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to check the medical records and CCTVs to identify the contacts.

(Video Editing: Kim Joon Hee)