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If checking your email you find an email from Amazon in which they warn you that your email account has been changed in 'Polandia', do not pay attention to it: it is a new scam that seeks to steal your account.

The Civil Guard has gone to social networks to raise awareness of this scam that claims something very curious: a country that does not even exist. 'Polandia' seems like the adopted son of Poland and Iceland, but neither of these two beautiful countries has had anything to do with it.

The email that tries to supplant Amazon, although at first glance it seems an official communication, if you look closely at the email address from which the message is sent comes from an account terminated on 'live.com', from which no doubt I would never try to contact anyone from Amazon to report a problem with your user account.

This scam is a crude attempt to get access to user account data, but it is sophisticated enough so that someone who is not always aware of the hoaxes that run on the Internet falls into a false warning, hence its seriousness.

Checking the email address, which is often hidden in platforms such as Gmail or programs such as Outlook, is a good way to avoid possible scams, since today it is very easy to imitate the appearance of Amazon, Apple, Microsoft or Any other great technology.

If you are one of those who have received this email, it is best to ignore it, but it also helps to block this email address in case you try to contact you again in the future.

Similarly, one way to protect your Amazon account, or any other digital service, is a good practice to activate what is called 'two-step verification', that is, to access your platform accounts like Twitter , Facebook, Gmail or similar from a mobile phone or a computer other than those you usually use, it is necessary to receive an email or an SMS with an additional code to your password so that you can access your account.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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