The Democratic Party's electoral Cheol-cheol Lee, who is being called as the successor to the former attorney general, reiterated today that there are no alternatives and no choice if necessary.

The former lawmaker asked the possibility of being selected as the next Minister of Justice in the special lecture of the political academy prepared by the Democratic Party of Gyeonggi-do on that day. I will not mind it for the greatness of reform and the success of Moon Jae-in government. ”

"I think I want to work in the parliament or the party. It's not enough, but it's my dream to do politics about inter-Korean cooperation, balanced regional development and real democracy," he said. "It was true that there were many invitations from the party in the car that couldn't prepare much at the Blue House, and that there were direct and indirect invitations from the Blue House staff," he explained.

The former lawmaker who met with reporters immediately after the lecture, said, "There are some laws that need to be changed, and the enforcement decree and enforcement guidelines need to be changed." We need more intrinsic prosecution reforms, such as adjusting the right to investigate. ”

Concerning the harsh candidate verification process and the burden of performing the work, "It is difficult to say that there is nothing wrong with it, and if it is a candidate, the verification procedure remains, but there is nothing to worry about in advance," he said. I do. "

The former Gyeonggi-do chairman and former member of the Ansan Sangnok-gap district district gave a one-hour, half-hour lecture on the theme of 'Institutionalization of Moon Jae-in Government Success and Cooperation'.

(Photo = Yonhap News)