The Seoul Central Prosecutors' Office decided on a six-month suspension for the honorary chairman of the newly appointed Lotte Group, 97, who was sentenced to three years in prison.

The Seoul Central Prosecutor's Office held the Detention and Execution Review Committee, which was attended by outside experts such as the medical and legal professions, the day before.

The Seoul Central Prosecutors' Office said, "As a result of the deliberation, it is difficult to live and communicate due to the inability to communicate and communicate due to dementia of the elderly and terminal dementia." I did.

Honorary Chairman Shin is expected to be prosecuted again after six months.

Because the maximum length of time for suspension of sentence is six months, the prosecutor will have an extended examination every six months unless the health of the honorary chairman is improved.

The prosecution also had a condition to limit its residence to LOTTE Hotel and Hospital.

Honorary Chairman Shin has been living on the 34th floor of the new building of the Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong since June.

Under the Criminal Procedure Act, the requirement for suspension of execution is that a prisoner may be in danger of harming health or preserving life by execution. ▲ Over 70 years old. ▲ After 6 months of pregnancy. ▲ Within 60 days after giving birth. When there are no other relatives to protect due to disability, etc. ▲ When the direct descendants do not have other relatives to protect as children ▲ When there are other serious reasons.

The Supreme Court finalized three years in prison and a fine of three billion won for Honorary Chairman Shin, who was accused of embezzlement and breach of business.

The lawyer submitted a request to the Seoul Central Prosecutor's Office to suspend the execution of the sentence, which was decided on the grounds of the honorary chairman's health and aging.

Honorary Chairman Shin has been trialed for health reasons.

Honorary Chairman Shin is said to be receiving minimal nutrients from liquid intake and nutrient fluids.

The lawyer's position is that it is difficult to provide nutrients that can sustain life in prison.

The prosecution went to Lotte Hotel on November 18 to check the health status of the honorary chairman.

Tests with a doctor's license were involved.

Usually, the prosecution visits a correctional facility where prison life is taking place and conducts a medical examination. However, the honorary chairman Shin has not been incarcerated yet.

The prosecution said, "You will check your health status from time to time, not every six months."

(Photo = Yonhap News)