A new title in the Diablo series may have leaked through an advertisement in a magazine. In the German magazine Gamestar , Diablo IV is mentioned in the description of a book about the game series. Publisher Blizzard has already confirmed that a new Diablo game is being worked on.

It is possible that this is a typo, but it is possible that the advertisement anticipates an announcement of a new Diablo game. At the beginning of November Blizzard will again hold the big Blizzcon conference, where new games are often announced by the company

BlizzCon 2019 new Diablo 4 leaks in Germany. If this is true, information about previously leaked Overwatch 2 may be correct.

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The game should be the successor to Diablo III , which was released in 2012. The game sold very well and appeared on PC, PlayStation, Xbox One and last year also on the Nintendo Switch. A new game is therefore obvious.

Last year Blizzard announced at Blizzcon that a mobile game from Diablo is being made. The developer received a lot of criticism. The fans are afraid that Blizzard wants to make money quickly and easily with a mobile game, instead of investing in a new PC game. Back then, Blizzard already announced that they really did not forget fans of the PC game.

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