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Eight tips to take advantage of your new iPhone


September and October are months in which many people end up with an iPhone in their pocket. Apple launches new models and that also means that the old ones that were already

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September and October are months in which many people end up with an iPhone in their pocket. Apple launches new models and that also means that the old ones that were already in circulation change hands. But whether you have just arrived on iOS or if you are a veteran who has had each and every one of the iPhones that have existed, you may not know some of the possibilities it offers. With these tricks, shortcuts and hidden functions you will save time when using the phone, and many are also compatible with the iPad .

Use Siri for alarms and timers

Siri may not be the smartest virtual assistant, true, and it is often frustrating to try to have a conversation or ask for a complex task. But that doesn't mean we have to give up Siri: it can be incredibly useful and effective for certain simple day-to-day commands like setting the alarm ("Hey Siri, wake me up at 7"), a timer in the kitchen ( "Hey Siri, put a countdown of 3 minutes") or even to activate certain phone functions when your hands are busy ("Hey Siri, turn on the flashlight").

Silence calls from unknown numbers

If you receive frequent calls from promotional numbers, surveys and so on, iOS 13 has a new feature that will possibly make your life easier. In the Settings> Phone menu you can now activate a call filter that prevents the phone from ringing if you receive a call from someone who is not previously in our contacts. Calls are diverted to voicemail and appear as missed calls in the recent calls list. The phone also detects if the phone has recently been used in a conversation via message or email and, if so, lets it ring to prevent us from missing the call of a work contact or someone we just met.

Move the cursor through the text accurately

Typing with the virtual keyboard on the screen is not comfortable and sooner or later we miss an error (to which we must add frequently the wrong decisions of the autocorrector). If we want to correct a letter within a word, the best way to move the cursor is not to press on it with your finger, but leave your finger pressed on the space bar of the virtual keyboard. This activates a virtual trackpad that allows you to accurately position the cursor anywhere and quickly correct an error.

Optimize battery charge

Charge the phone 100% quickly every night and leave it charged for hours while it is connected to the current degrades the battery life. In the latest version of iOS, Apple has included a function to mitigate this effect and slightly extend its life. To activate it, go to Settings> Battery> Battery health and activate charging optimization. The phone will be charged only up to 80% of its capacity and will remain in that range until a few minutes before we go to wake up (the iPhone estimates the moment based on the activity history or the time programmed in the alarm), which It is when you quickly charge the remaining 20%.

Transform the phone into a magnifying glass

The camera on the phone can be used for much more than taking pictures. For example, you can transform the iPhone into an advanced magnifying glass with which to read the menu in a restaurant or a document with the very small print. To do so, simply enter Settings> Accessibility> Magnifying glass and activate the function. When the button is pressed three times in a row, the tool will be activated, which also offers high contrast modes to favor the readability of the texts.

Quickly access WiFi and Bluetooth settings

In last year's version of the iOS operating system Apple introduced a new Control Center. A shortcut to a panel where you can activate and deactivate common functions such as WiFi or Bluetooth connection or adjust the screen brightness. This panel is accessed by sliding your finger from the upper right corner of the iPhone screen . What many users do not know is that it has advanced features. If we want to access the available WiFi networks, for example, it is not necessary to go to Settings> WiFi as usual, it is possible to see a list of available networks simply by pressing and holding the WiFi icon in the control center and the same to access a list of Bluetooth devices in a nearby radio.

Select several applications at the same time

When organizing applications on the iPhone's main screen there is a trick that will help us to be more efficient: it is possible to move several applications simultaneously . To do that - yes - we will need two hands. Simply select the app that we are going to move (an additional trick, just press a few seconds and start moving it, it is not necessary to select the option to reorganize apps from the floating menu) and with another finger select other applications that we want to move simultaneously . All will be added to a single stack that makes it easier to move between the different screens.

Translate and search definitions without using third-party apps

Are you one of those who install dictionary applications and translators or spend the day searching for word definitions on Google? Save yourself the effort. The iPhone includes a dictionary and translator integrated into the operating system itself. Just go to Settings> General> Dictionaries and select both the Spanish dictionary and a Spanish-English dictionary. The next time we have doubts about a word just select it and in the floating menu that appears above it select the option Consult.

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