Apple will no longer give its own apps priority when users issue a Siri command, Bloomberg reports Wednesday. The company is implementing a software update later this year to ensure that the most-used app in a category is used as standard with a Siri command.

Now, in many situations, users still have to explicitly ask Siri to use a specific app. That's because Apple automatically pushes its own service for commands in which a user does not name an app.

This means that Apple automatically chooses iMessage when users ask for a chat app, for Apple Music if they ask for a music streaming service, and for Apple Maps if they ask for a map service.

After the software update, which will be available later this year, Siri recognizes which app is used most often in that category. Depending on the situation of the user, the app then automatically opens WhatsApp, Spotify or Google Maps. Developers of these apps must make the function available manually for this.

The change follows criticisms that Apple would abuse its dominant position. By acting both as a referee and as a player, the company is active on the same market with two caps. Due to the same criticism, the company recently adjusted its algorithm for the App Store.