In the midst of downtown Seoul, a video of a Korean man assaulting a Japanese woman in the early morning hours is controversial. Police found and investigated the two men, but the man said that it was not because of anti-Japanese sentiment.

This is reporter Kim Deok-hyun.


A man walking with a female party.

[Where are you swearing?

I spit out rants and swear words against the Japanese.

[Page XX XXX, XXX XX is missing. Xs like X.]

Fighting by tangling up and grabbing your hair.

A Japanese woman A posted a video on SNS yesterday (23th) around 6 am saying she was near the Hongik University Station in Seoul.

He also wrote that 'security in Korea is not good'.

As this video spreads, the condemnation of the man was overwhelming and the ripples grew.

The police called A and B, a Korean male in their 30s, this afternoon to investigate the case.

B admitted that she caught the woman's hair in the police, but insisted she was being unilaterally attacked.

[Male B: (Do you have anything to say to the victims?) That's all rigged. I never assaulted you.]

I also said that it has nothing to do with half-day feelings.

Mr. A said the man was chasing and chasing him, followed by swearing and assault.

[A acquaintance: When you get the phone, ask me to save first. (The man) stalked it. Ignored it at first but kept coming.]

Police say some of the claims that the video has been tampered with are not true.

The police will investigate further and investigate Mr. B's alleged assault and insult.

(Video coverage: Choi, Ung Woong, Image editor: Won Hee Hee)