Autumn crab hunting started today (21st) in the west sea of ​​Chungnam. It's also a sign that it's been a hot summer, and it's better than last year and it's cheaper.

I'm TJB Cho Sang Wan.


Early in the morning, the fishing boats that left the first crab fishing this autumn come to Taean White Sand Port.

The fish spear was filled with fresh blue crabs.

The fishermen who worked all night long forgot their tiredness.

There are no crab boxes in the upper shelf and the hand-held sorting.

I caught it last night, so it's fresh and lively.

The catch of the first run is also very good.

More than 150 crab fishing boats in Taean area today averaged more than 100 kilograms of catch, and many of them caught more than 500 kilograms.

[Ga Seung-hyun / An-soo Soo Hyeop Baekjangjang chief chief director: The amount is much higher than last year. 30% ~ 50% more seems to have increased. This year, more crab sheep are out of date than in 2017 and 2018.]

As catches increased, so did the price.

The price on the first day ranged from 6,000 won to 10,000 won per kilogram, which is much lower than last year's 17,000 to 8,000 won.

In particular, Taean blue crab is famous for its delicious taste due to its proper geographic characteristics. Sand crab seems to have to pass through Chuseok.

[Kim Hyung-guk / Taean Baeksaeng Fishing Village Chief: Chuseok Sogo and the colder the temperature, the better the taste. When crab lives, it is cold.

In recent years, however, most fish species on the West Coast have gone through taboos and caught a lot of catches.