About a week ago, the police found an electric kickboard driver who jumped out of Seoul's Hannam Bridge and accidentally ran away. At the time of the accident, the video was publicized, causing an embarrassment. The police reportedly were considering a hit.

This is a report from Jung Hye-kyung.


Last night, Seoul's Hannam Bridge and a motorcycle were running in the first lane, and suddenly an electric kickboard appeared across the road on the right.

The motorcyclist hurriedly slows down, but eventually hits the kickboard and splits off the road.

The electric kickboard driver reportedly had an accident and escaped in the opposite direction beyond the center separator.

Netizens blamed when a driver behind a motorcycle posted a black box video to an online community at the time of the accident.

The police decided to identify and identify the driver Kim Mo through a kickboard sharing company.

[Police official: So-called Hit and Run is an escape runner, but at that time, I should consider the intention and then I should investigate (to examine whether the charges are applied).]

Under current law, electric wheels or kickboards can also be used for hit and run charges if you leave the scene without handling the accident.

The number of users is increasing so that there are sharing companies everywhere, and related accidents are increasing rapidly.

The Korea Transport Authority estimates that accidents caused by electric wheel and electric kickboard drivers are nearly doubled in one year.