Anguish took over the new jewel of Spanish cycling. Juan Ayuso (Barcelona 2002) remained four months away from the competition due to an ailment in the sural nerve of the right leg that doctors were slow to detect. The rider, who already returned in the Tour de Romandie with a victory in the time trial stage, now recognizes that he went through a very delicate moment. This Sunday he will compete in the Tour de Suisse after training for three weeks and without pain in Sierra Nevada. From the mountains of Granada he answers the call of EL MUNDO.

He was away from competition for a long time. Is that stage already over? I'm making good progress. When the pains in the right leg appeared at the beginning of the year we thought it was due to a problem in the Achilles heel, but it was not like that. The cause of everything lay in the sural nerve, which was affected. It was a long and desperate process because I could not find solutions. He didn't know what the cause of the injury was. Everything was going uphill. There was no clear diagnosis and therefore no adequate rehabilitation. The problem was not the injury itself, but the treatment to follow. Everything became very hard for me mentally, I didn't know when the pain was going to appear. After going to the best doctors in Spain I had no answers, everyone told me there was nothing. That is the reason why these months have been especially hard. Then, when we discovered that the cause of everything lay in the sural nerve, everything was better. With a radiofrequency treatment the pain has been disappearing. In Sierra Nevada I have already trained normally. He says it's been a tough few months. Is he stronger mentally now? No doubt. Now I am stronger. I had to adapt to that situation. Now, when I'm trained or have a bad day I remember those moments and that makes me better. You always have to take the positive out of the bad. Now I train better. A few months ago I cried at home because I wanted to get on the bike and I couldn't. Now, remembering all that allows me to hit the road stronger. During this time the support of the family will have been fundamental. In those moments you realize who is closer. I have to thank my partner, who has made many tourist trips around Spain, going with me from doctor to doctor. I am also very grateful to my parents, to my family. After the injury he reappeared last month and won the Tour de Romandie time trial? That is within the reach of very few. I didn't expect that result, it was a surprise. I went to the race just to test myself, to see how the discomfort was going and how I could help the team. I was going day by day. In the online stages I suffered a lot, but on the climbs, with the goat bike and short ports, I did not notice the lack of form so much. Then, in the time trial I went very well and everything was a surprise.Are you aware that the greatest hopes of Spanish cycling are placed in you, that generates extra pressure? That people are aware of me motivates me. It is very nice the support and affection I receive in all races, although there is always someone who talks about more. But if you have an excellent poster among the press and fans. Sometimes there are people who speak without knowing. There are many who admire me but there are others who are there... Well, that's the law of life. After the training sessions carried out in Sierra Nevada, do you notice that you are at a level similar to that of your teammates? Before Romandie I noticed that I trained to the limit that the injury allowed me, not what I really should. In Sierra Nevada I am doing what I have to do, without injury or inconvenience. following the lines I had imagined since the beginning of the season. After the work done for three weeks now I really want to compete. Pogacar, Vingegaard, Roglic or Evenepoel are still in the upper echelon, right? Last year it was evident that I was one step below. Before this year's injury I had noticed that he has taken a step Forward quite big, but then everything went wrong. Now it seems that the matter is beginning to be fixed... Well, this question will be answered over time, seeing my evolution. In Sierra Nevada he has coincided with Pogacar. How is the Slovenian after his wrist operation? I see him well, but we will have to ask him.What has he learned from him? In competitions we have coincided a few days. I have a good relationship with him. We are not great friends, but I have a cordial relationship. What strikes me most is its tranquility. What calendar do you have after the Tour de Suisse? I will do the Spanish Championship and then I will stop to prepare for the Vuelta a España.And the World Championship, which this year takes place in August? I haven't thought about it. Let's see what level I am at at that moment. If I am well and they want to count on me I will be delighted. But my main goal is to prepare for the Vuelta.The Tour, in the near future, will be your big goal, right? My biggest dream since I was a kid is the Tour, but both the team and I thought the logical step this year was to return to the Vuelta. And then, with a little more maturation and experience, face the Tour. We'll see if by 2024 or later.Are you attracted to the Giro d'Italia? Yes, I love Italy. I've lived there and already won the U23 Giro. It's also another dream, but above all there's the Tour.

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