Beijing, 3 Mar (Zhongxin Net) -- The anti-corruption "frenzy" in Chinese football is still being staged.

At noon on the 24th, the news that Wang Xiaoping, director of the Disciplinary Committee of the Chinese Football Association, and Huang Song, director of the Competition Department, were investigated, aroused concern. Following the president of the Chinese Football Association Chen Jiayuan, after 38 days, another football association official reported that he was investigated.

Data map: On March 2010, 3, Wang Xiaoping, director of the Disciplinary Committee of the Chinese Football Association, announced the punishment decision for the fake team. Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

Competent Disciplinary Committee of the Football Association

Public reports show that Wang Xiaoping has served as the director of the Football Association's disciplinary committee for more than ten years. In 2009, when the Chinese football scene was in the last round of anti-gambling crackdown, he began to serve as the director of the Football Association's disciplinary committee, and also read out the punishment decision for counterfeiting teams.

Compared with Chen Jiayuan, Li Tie and other football figures who were out of the circle before they were investigated, Wang Xiaoping's popularity is relatively not high.

But in the fan base, Wang Xiaoping has considerable influence. This is mainly due to the fact that as the director of the Disciplinary Committee of the Football Association, Wang Xiaoping's signature always appears in various league tickets.

For this reason, many fans jokingly called him a "calligrapher" and the "busiest person" in Chinese football.

Under most of the tickets, there is Wang Xiaoping's signature.

279 tickets were issued a year

The reporter combed through the penalty notice column of the Chinese Football Association's website, and there were a total of 64 fines signed by Wang Xiaoping last season. Back in 2017, during the "Golden Yuan period", Wang Xiaoping issued as many as 279 fines.

Screenshot of the penalty notice column on the website of the Chinese Football Association

Most of these fines are due to on-field violations and impose suspensions and fines on the parties.

For example, last season, five officials of the Shenzhen team were punished with a limited period of time banning from entering the stadium for accusing and insulting referees in the stands, including up to 5 months, with a total fine of 10,59 yuan.

What often triggers discussion in the football industry and heated discussions in the outside world is the scale of the ticket.

Screenshot of last season's fine.

Or take 2017 as an example: Qin Sheng, who was playing for Shanghai Shenhua at that time, stepped on Tianjin Quanjian's foreign aid Witsel and was banned for half a year; Beijing Guoan midfielder Zhang Xizhe was banned for 12 games for slapping his opponent; Shanghai SIPG foreign aid Oscar was suspended for 8 games; Zheng Zhi, who was playing for Guangzhou Evergrande at the time, was suspended for 4 games without shaking hands with the referee; Shanghai Shenhua player Sun Shilin was suspended for 2 games for "manually liking" Tianjin Quanjian's foreign aid Pato...

These penalty decisions have largely affected the league competitiveness of the relevant teams. Like Qin Sheng, Zhang Xizhe, and Oscar, they were the main players of their respective teams at that time, and even the core, with a total of 30 rounds of games in a single season, with penalties of 10 and 8 games at every turn, and the impact on the team and the league can be imagined.

Especially in the critical championship and relegation stages, this impact will be amplified several times. Players who violate the rules are subject to penalties, this is an objective rule. However, the scale of punishment has repeatedly become the object of fan complaints, and even caused strong dissatisfaction from the club, not hesitating to "tear face".

At the end of last season, the Wuhan Three Towns Club issued a document expressing dissatisfaction with the relevant punishments, which included harsh words such as "the invisible hand is manipulating", "you can not win the championship but be fair", and "uncompromisingly fight the dark forces". The reason why Wuhan Three Towns couldn't bear it, the team's foreign aid Malcom received a suspension penalty is one of the major triggers, which directly affects the key championship battle.

Screenshot of the statement of the three towns in Wuhan

This time he was "sent off"

On March 3, Chinese Super League Shandong Taishan player Wang Dalei posted a ticket of his own on social media, but it was deleted not long after.

At that time, there were rumors that Wang Xiaoping had disappeared.

On January 1 this year, the official website of the Chinese Football Association released a punishment decision on Shandong Taishan foreign aid Cressan for violating discipline, which was the last time Wang Xiaoping's signature appeared on the FA's punishment notice.

More than two months later, information about Wang Xiaoping himself appeared on the website of the Chinese Football Association.

"Wang Xiaoping, director of the Disciplinary Committee of the Chinese Football Association, is suspected of serious violations of the law and is currently under supervision and investigation by the discipline inspection and supervision team of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission stationed in the General Administration of Sports, and the Hubei Provincial Supervision Commission."

This report is obviously several times more serious than any ticket he has ever issued.

As the director of the Disciplinary Committee of the Chinese Football Association, he took the lead in "suspected serious violations", which has a negative impact on the Chinese Football Association and even Chinese football.

Screenshot of the FA's website

Together with Wang Xiaoping, the Chinese Football Association has currently investigated 5 people including Chen Jiayuan, Liu Yi, Chen Yongliang, Huang Song, etc., in addition to Li Tie, the former manager of the national football team. As things stand, there is still the possibility that the list could continue to expand.

It is hoped that after this anti-corruption storm, Chinese football can grow in a clear environment and achieve revitalization as soon as possible. (End)