Medvedev as an interviewer

Evgenia Medvedeva continues to delight fans of not only figure skating, but also football.

As you know, in January, the figure skater visited the Dynamo training camp and took part in the filming of several interviews with the players as a host.

The guests of her program called "Football Skating" were Konstantin Tyukavin and Arsen Zakharyan.

Fans liked how the two-time world champion coped with a new role for herself.

She not only asked questions to her interlocutors, but also diluted the conversation with her own stories.

So, Evgenia told how one of the figure skaters of the national team was injured last year in a very interesting situation.

“I will not name my last name so as not to offend anyone.

But one girl in the Olympic season decided to shoot tiktok, and during the dance she fell and broke her toe.

Because of this, almost all the preparations for the Olympic Games were undermined by her.

The story is funny, albeit stressful, ”Medvedeva shared.

Vocal Zagitova

Trying new and Alina Zagitova.

At the festival "In Love with Figure Skating", which will be held on February 14 in Moscow, the Olympic champion will appear before the audience in an unusual role as a singer.

The athlete will take the stage in a duet with Julia Sievert (Zivert).

The girls will perform the song Credo.

Zagitova published a video from the rehearsal the other day in her Telegram channel.

“I am very glad that I am trying myself in a new business, I have always liked to sing, it is especially pleasant and reverent to perform my favorite song with an artist I admire.

I am grateful to the festival for the fact that it provides a valuable opportunity to realize my little dream, ”TASS quotes the figure skater.

The well-known commentator Dmitry Guberniev, who, as you know, is closely following Zagitova's career, could not pass by this significant event.

"This is wonderful!

Let him sing.

More good and different songs from Alina Zagitova.

A person develops and does not stand still, works as a host, an Olympic champion, and now she also sings.

I will be working on this evening and will appreciate their joint work with Zivert.

Do I believe that Alina can become a singer?

Anyone can become a singer in the 21st century.

Absolutely everyone.

Lots of examples.

No talent is needed for this.

We need the talent of a producer and composer, ”Sport-Express quotes the journalist.

Of course, the skater will also present an ice number to the show.

And besides her, a whole scattering of stars is expected at the CSKA Arena.

Anna Shcherbakova, Kamila Valieva, Alexandra Trusova, Maya Khromykh, Sofya Akatieva, Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov, Alexandra Boykova and Dmitry Kozlovsky, Anastasia Mishina and Alexander Gallyamov, Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov, as well as Mark Kondratyuk and Alexander Samarin will perform their programs .

Show Sotnikova

Adelina Sotnikova, meanwhile, is working on her own show "Never Give Up!", which is based on the fairy tale "Three Heroes".

This project is distinguished by the composition of the participants.

Not eminent figure skaters will take to the ice, but pupils of the ice school of the Olympic champion, as well as children from different regions of Russia, including the choreographic group of the Otrada center from the St. Nicholas Chernoostrovsky Monastery.

Preparations for the show began in mid-January at the skating rink of the Divny equestrian sports complex in the Moscow Region.

In addition to training and rehearsals, young artists will attend master classes in the art of filming from famous directors Alexei Sviridov and Sergei Strusovsky.

Sotnikova, speaking about the upcoming event, admitted that another of her dreams was coming true.

“We are united not only by the land we walk on, not only by the language we speak, but also by the values ​​that have shaped our common culture.

This is our story on ice, ”the former figure skater explained the idea of ​​the show.

Napoleonic plans of Kostornaya and Marten

Alena Kostornaya and Georgy Kunitsa returned from a joint vacation they spent in Cuba and started training.

Athletes are serious about performances in pair skating.

At the first lesson, the skaters worked mainly on skating, since the partner’s hand was injured and it would take at least another two weeks to recover.

“On vacation, they tried not to waste time - they trained without ice, worked out things that a hand injury allowed them to do,” the skater shared.

She also admitted in an interview that she hopes to compete in a new discipline in the near future.

The fighting spirit of Kostornaya is also confirmed by the choreographer of the group of Sergei Roslyakov, where the newly-made couple, Betina Popova, is engaged.

“Alena is such that you can’t stop her.

Sometimes you have to say: "Enough, let's do a little less work."

Because the guys are really eager, they want and they work very well!”

Popova told Match TV.

According to the champions of the Youth Olympics Apollinaria Panfilova and Dmitry Rylov, with such an attitude, nothing is impossible for Kostornaya.

“In fact, many girls switch to pair skating after the age of 18 and successfully perform, take prizes.

Why not?

Pair skating is not dancing, where you need to roll for years.

Here you just need to learn the elements, and most importantly - do not be afraid.

You can always ride if you want.

Yes, it takes time, but not as much as in the same dances.

Yes, I saw, many write that pair skating at the age of 19 is too late, but no, ”the Championship quotes Panfilov.

Return of Stepanova and Bukin

Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin also missed the competition.

Two-time champions of Russia in ice dancing are not going to end their careers, despite the fact that they missed the current season.

Already in the fall, they are determined to return to official tournaments and compete with young duets.

“We will try to work.

<...> The guys are still young, they have everything ahead of them.

So even if there were some setbacks that, for example, pursued our first couple (Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva and Yegor Bazin. - RT ) as the season progressed, I'm sure they will cope in the future.

I hope they will come out of these situations only with a plus for themselves, with great experience.

To grow further.

They are young and beautiful.

I think they will succeed, ”Match TV quotes Bukin.

Also, the athlete did not hide that he would like to compete at the 2026 Olympics in Turin.

He expressed the hope that sport will remain out of politics, and all athletes, no matter where, will be able to take part in the Games.

“The Olympic spirit at international competitions, the Olympics is a great feeling.

I hope that the next Winter Games will be held in the same good atmosphere, everything will be holistic, as it should be.

So that everything is like at the usual Olympic Games, and all the hardships and misunderstandings are gone.

Sport is a holiday, everyone should be happy!

Therefore, I don’t want to discuss any topics that are not directly related to the sport itself, ”said the skater.

The famous choreographer and director Ilya Averbukh highly appreciated the chances of Stepanova and Bukin to return to their previous level and take the place of the first couple of the country.

“They obviously haven’t finished everything in sports yet.

I think that the couple will sound even brighter and stronger.

They have every chance to become the leaders of our team,” said the specialist.

"Russian Nastya" from Georgia

Anastasia Gubanova, who became the European champion, told how she decided to play for Georgia.

According to a native of Tolyatti, after being expelled from the group of Elena Buyanova due to being overweight, she decided to end her career and did not go out on the ice at all for several weeks.

But then she realized that she lacked figure skating - and asked to join Evgeny Rukavitsyn's group.

For another year and a half after that, Anastasia remained a Russian athlete, but she could not achieve high results - also because she had to cope with the consequences of the puberty for a long time.

And in 2020, she was offered to change sports citizenship.

“Of course, I thought about all the pros and cons.

But I knew that this was a huge opportunity for me.

And I am very grateful to the sports leaders of Georgia for giving me this chance and giving me support.

I especially felt it at the Olympics, ”RIA Novosti quotes Gubanova.

At the same time, she admitted that she first visited Georgia only last year, and, despite her gratitude and love for this country, she continues to feel Russian in her soul.

Moreover, nothing has changed for her in everyday life - she still lives in St. Petersburg with her family and trains with her coach.

Only now he rides under a different flag at higher level competitions.

“I have been in Russia all my life, I continue to live here - who else should I be inside, if not Russian?”

the figure skater asked.

She also noted that she would like to try to keep up with her former compatriots and learn the quadruple jump, but does not consider this the main goal of her career.

“Firstly, health is no longer the same, and in any case it comes first.

You can learn the quadruple jump and show it in competitions, but then, if serious injuries come, you won’t be able to do simpler elements.

And secondly, people without quads become champions.

And they show not only the technical part of the program, but also the program itself.

And when a person rides with a soul, it’s probably even more interesting for the audience to watch it, ”said Gubanova.

Disturbing news about Kostomarov's health

For almost a month, Roman Kostomarov has been in the intensive care unit of the hospital with severe pneumonia, and the incoming news is still in suspense.

A week ago, the media reported an improvement in the athlete's condition, as well as the fact that he regained consciousness and began to breathe on his own.

According to doctors, there has been a positive trend.

However, in recent days, data have been received again about the threat to the life of the former skater.

So, the Mash Telegram channel wrote that Kostomarov's leg gangrene is progressing - most of it is affected, necrosis of the foot has begun.

We are talking about amputation, but the general condition of Roman raises concerns - he may not survive a difficult operation.

However, delaying surgical intervention is fraught with further spread of infection and death.

According to media reports, the figure skater's wife Oksana Domnina is next to him in the hospital and in constant contact with doctors.

Colleagues are very worried about Kostomarov's health, but they try not to disturb the family, realizing what a difficult period they are going through.

“I wrote to Oksana at the very beginning, when it all just happened.

Wrote words of support.

But I understand that now it is better not to touch it once again.

Still, the situation is very difficult.

We are all very worried about Roma.

We support him, he is very strong.

I am very glad that he at least began to recover, this is very important and this is the most important thing.

We wish him good health and we will be very happy to see him in a while, ”said Ekaterina Bobrova, Sochi Olympic champion.