, Beijing, February 7th (Reporter Bian Liqun) After the game against Adana on the evening of the 5th Beijing time, Li Jiayue and the whole team returned to the hotel as usual, and returned to Istanbul after a night of rest.

  With a 3:0 victory over the Adana women's football team, Li Jiayue's Galatasaray women's football team continued to win 6 consecutive victories.

Since joining the team at the beginning of last month, Li Jiayue has not only secured the team's main position, but also maintained a record of unbeaten victories.

  This was a wonderful road trip, but the sudden 7.8-magnitude earthquake broke the calm and turned into an "escape trip".

Li Jiayue reported safety on social media.

“It feels like the building is going to fall down”

  At 4 a.m. local time on the 6th, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Turkey. The epicenter was located in the southeastern province of Kahramanmaras, only 200 kilometers away from Adana, the away city where Li Jiayue and the team played.

"When I woke up, I quickly got up and put on my shoes, and then ran to an empty place outside the hotel with my mobile phone." Li Jiayue told a reporter from

  Speaking of the earthquake at that time, Li Jiayue felt that the building was about to collapse, and many teammates were scared to cry.

Although she didn't cry, she was still very scared, because she felt so close to death for the first time.

  Li Jiayue, who has always been optimistic, reported everyone's safety on social media: "Brother Jia is a strong women's football player, the eldest brother is not called for nothing, don't worry everyone."

Collapsed buildings and damaged vehicles in Hatay, Turkey.

Figure/Visual China

emergency evacuation

  Although Adana, the city where Li Jiayue played away games, is very close to the epicenter, Li Jiayue's location is relatively safe for the time being.

  "The earthquake was felt very strongly at the time, but no buildings collapsed, because we were in the city center of Adana at the time, and the news said that only the houses near the epicenter were damaged."

  When speaking with a reporter from, Li Jiayue was leaving Adana with the team.

  "At first, the team said they were going to Ankara, and then returned to Istanbul when it was safe, but there was also a 6.3-magnitude earthquake in Ankara, so they don't know where to go yet," she said.

  On the way to escape the epicenter, Turkey experienced another 7.8-magnitude earthquake, and Li Jiayue still felt a strong shock in the car.

Li Jiayue is in the game.

Image source: Li Jiayue social media.

"I'm in a bad mood right now"

  To make matters worse, the team escaped the epicenter just in time for a blizzard.

Fortunately, the team bought some food at the high-speed rest stop, which can be used to continue on the road.

  Compared with the optimism and strength after the first 7.8-magnitude earthquake, after the second 7.8-magnitude earthquake, Li Jiayue admitted that she was in a bad mood and panicked.

  "I was watching the news on my mobile phone saying that there was another earthquake, and then I saw a lot of ambulances on the road. Now my teammates are not in a good mood."

  As of press time, Li Jiayue and her teammates are still on the way to evacuate urgently.