Anicet Mbida 06:52, February 03, 2023

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This Friday, he is interested in a breakthrough for people suffering from glaucoma.

These are lenses that will monitor the pressure inside the eye and automatically release drops to lower it.

Today's innovation could give hope to those who suffer from eye diseases.

There are now lenses that treat glaucoma.

It can change the lives of many people.

These are lenses that will monitor the pressure inside the eye and automatically release drops to lower it.

If you know someone around you who has glaucoma, it's very disabling.

It is a disease that manifests itself from the age of 50-60.

The eyes are less well drained, which increases eye strain and eventually destroys peripheral vision.

In some severe cases, this can lead to loss of sight.

It is even one of the main causes of blindness in the world.

To treat this disease, today, you have to go to the hospital regularly to test your eye pressure and define the right dosage of your drops.

With the risk of seeing the situation deteriorate between two appointments and ending up with an unsuitable dosage.

Whereas with these lenses, the dosage will be constantly adjusted.

They provide both diagnosis and treatment.

Are these lenses already prescribed?

Can we already take advantage of it?

No, not yet unfortunately.

Like all medical products, there is always a long time between discovery and market launch.

These lenses were invented by researchers at POSTECH University in South Korea.

They obviously checked that they were effective and risk-free.

But for the moment only on animals.

This was a prerequisite before moving on to human testing.

Now, we will have to make sure that they are truly safe.

So we will have to wait a few months or even a few years.

Where are the drops stored?

In the lenses?

Yes !

In fact, there is a very small pocket around the edge of the lens which stores the liquid.

It's almost invisible.

It turns out that we simply diffuse micro-drops of medicine since we know precisely the concentration we need.

And in the evening, when you take them off to clean them, they automatically refill with product.

So, rest assured!

We won't have two big jerry cans hanging from the lenses.