Turkey's approval of the Swedish NATO application is on hold.

The reason for the break is rooted in recent actions, including the Koran burning outside the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, which was followed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announcing that Sweden cannot expect support.

The politically tense situation has also resulted in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs urging Swedes to avoid public gatherings and demonstrations in Turkey.

In the current situation, the Swedish Athletics Federation is planning for the indoor EC in Istanbul, which will be decided on March 2–5.

- It feels unfunny, if it escalates further, the hostilities, then we'll see the security situation.

Our attitude is that we will go, but we follow the development, says national team captain Kajsa Bergqvist to Radiosporten.

- Maybe we don't wear Swedish national team clothes in town, which marks that we are the Swedish team.

Kramer: "Mixed feelings"

She further says that the union will have a dialogue with the Foreign Ministry and the embassy.

800-meter runner Andreas Kramer:

- It is clear that you go there with mixed feelings, and that has been the case in the past as well.

We have such a short period of our lives where we can keep doing this, doing what we love and we don't have the power where the championships are placed.

It's a difficult position for track and field athletes, he says to Radiosporten.

CUT: Strong start to the season by Thobias Montler

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Thobias Montler won by far with 8.19 Photo: SVT