The Women's Football World Cup will be held in Australia and New Zealand in July 2023.

Japan's national team, "Nadeshiko Japan," plans to strengthen its efforts to reach the top 4 or higher for the first time in two tournaments.

The Women's World Cup of soccer in Australia and New Zealand will start on July 20th and will feature 32 teams.

Nadeshiko Japan won their first tournament in Germany in 2011 and finished second in Canada in 2015, but they were eliminated in the first round of the final tournament in France in 2019.

Nadeshiko Japan, ranked 11th in the world and in Group C in the first round, will face Spain ranked 7th in the world, Costa Rica ranked 37th, and Zambia ranked 81st.

Norio Sasaki, chairman of the Japan Football Association's Women's Committee, said, ``We will prepare by counting backwards to enter the best four.'' By playing against Canada, who won the gold medal in 2018, and Brazil, ranked ninth in the world, we will strengthen our preparations for the finals.

In addition to planning an overseas tour in April, the final warm-up match before the tournament will be held in Sendai City on July 14, before heading to New Zealand, the venue for the first round.

Sasaki, chairman of the women's committee, said, "The boys gave us energy, courage and excitement at the World Cup.