Emma Ribom started the season successfully when she took her first World Cup victory in the premiere in Finnish Ruka.

The following weekend, another win came in Lillehammer, but the streak came to an abrupt end when she left Beitostölen even before the competitions - a cold put an end to it.

Now she is back on the ski track again.

Today there was a pass in Östersund.

But the fact that she could be at the start of the World Cup in Davos this weekend, where Sweden is fielding only two skaters in the women's sprint due to all the illnesses and injuries in the squad, was never an option.

- No, since I had my first ski session today, it was not relevant, she says.

"Want to start training"

When there might be a comeback in the World Cup is too early to say.

- We'll see, first I want to get started with the training and feel that the body is responding.

I won't do the tour, but I have to dare to have a little patience.

Tour de Ski is decided December 31-January 8.

The first World Cup competitions after that are the sprint weekend in Livigno 21-22 January.

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Emma Ribom took her second straight victory.

Photo: Magnus Simensen/Bildbyrån