<Reporter Kim Young-seong> The

match against Uruguay was a meaningful draw.

Over the past four years, Bentuho has insisted on high-occupancy build-up football despite receiving a lot of criticism, and that style has shown that it works in the World Cup.

Reporter Lee Jeong-chan reports. 

<Reporter Lee Jeong-chan> Bentuho

broke the existing common sense of Korean football from the start.

They won the ball with strong forward pressure, created opportunities with quick passes, and faced off against Uruguay, who said they were aiming for the championship.

He increased possession with build-up football that creates chances through passing from the rear, and never changed his attacking style of placing midfielders in an inverted triangle.

Hwang In-beom, who was in charge of the attacking axis, scored more than 50% of the first half in the first half for the first time in Korea's World Cup history, aiming for space with 21 penetrating passes, the most in the team.

It wasn't just rolling the ball.

They continued to move forward and increased their market share to 25% in the frontline area, becoming more aggressive than Uruguay, which boasts the strongest firepower ever.

In the second half, their stamina fell and they fell behind in overall possession, but they fought tight, recording equal numbers in all areas of attack statistics.

Coach Bento, who kept his perseverance despite the skeptical gaze that he would not work against strong teams,

[Bento/Soccer national team coach (after being eliminated from the 2019 Asian Cup): There may be criticism, but I will do my best to make a better team without being shaken.]

Expectations were raised by winning a meaningful victory point in the Korean soccer World Cup challenge. It is.

[Bento/Soccer team coach: Our strategy was to do it our way, taking risks with confidence.

Even if the opponent is a strong team, the level must be the same.]

It has been confirmed that Korean soccer, which has been prepared for so long, can work.

Now it's your turn to win in the 'Korean style'.

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