Good communicator that he is, Didier Deschamps knows it better than anyone: better twice than once.

After having sent an already very clear first message to Zinédine Zidane, declared candidate for his succession at the head of the Blues, in the columns of the Parisian, the coach of the Blues gave a small layer in


this Friday.

Interviewed long, wide and across by our colleagues as part of his tenth anniversary as boss of the France team, DD took advantage of a banal question about his longevity in the selection to remind us that he does not had no intention of giving up his place anytime soon.

"Player, I didn't just eat white bread, I watched 1990 (elimination by Yugoslavia and Scotland) and 1994 (elimination by Sweden and Bulgaria) on TV, but 1998 took everything away.

A World Cup remains the greatest moment of a footballing life.

There is nothing above the World Cup.

And I tell myself that it is certainly not the last, ”he slipped, smiling, as if nothing had happened.


Win to prolong the pleasure

But to continue the adventure beyond the World Cup in Qatar - his contract with the Blues ends at the end of the World Cup - La Dèche knows it, you have to be legitimate.

And for that, there are not thirty-six solutions.

Explanations: “But to last, you have to win!

I'm not here to convince anyone that I should stay.

I am here to win.

That's all the harm we wish him in any case.


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