In the Japanese curling championship held in Kitami City, Hokkaido, a playoff was held in which the top four teams competed, and Loco Solare, who won the silver medal at the Beijing Olympics as a representative of Japan, decided to advance to the final by defeating the Hokkaido Bank. ..

The Japan Curling Championship is held at the "Advics Tokoro Curling Hall" in Tokoro-cho, Kitami City, with no spectators to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus.

On the 28th, a playoff was held in which the top four teams competed, and among the women, Loco Solare, the leader of the qualifying league, played against the second-placed Hokkaido Bank.

Loco Solare allowed a 2 to 3 reversal with 2 points scored by the opponent at the 6th end of the 2 to 1 and 1 point lead.

However, in the following 7th end, Skip's Satsuki Fujisawa took the lead again with 4 to 3 by moving the draw shot near the center of the house with the last one throw and adding 2 points.

In addition, the 8th and 9th ends were unfavorable first strikes, but they added one point each with continuous steel to widen the lead to 6-3.

In the final 10th end, Loco Solare kept the opponent to 1 point and won 6-4 to advance to the final on the 29th.

Sapporo International University advances to the final for boys

On the other hand, the boys were entangled in the extra end that continued until the final was settled, but at the 11th end Sapporo International University scored 3 points and won the SC Karuizawa club, which won all 8 qualifying league games with 10-7, on the 29th. I advanced to the final.

Loco Solare's four-person discourse

Loco Solare's skip, Satsuki Fujisawa, who decided to advance to the final, said, "There were many mistakes in draw shots in the previous games, but all the games have been decided and the condition is improving. With particular confidence, I would like to have fun fighting to the end like Loco Solare, "he said with enthusiasm for the final.

Chinami Yoshida of the third player said, "There were mistakes in the first half, but in the second half we were able to show our strength in how to fight based on the mistakes. In the final, we do not have to be greedy like" let's do everything ". I want to play a match. "

Second player Yumi Suzuki said, "I made some mistakes, but looking back on the whole, I and the team had decided on a good shot. I will make use of today's reflection so that the final match can be our best match today. I want to take a rest slowly. "

Lead player Yurika Yoshida said, "We struggled and fluttered in the first half, but we endured that and we were able to stand out in the second half. The final match was concentrated from the first half, so we all enjoyed it to the fullest. I want to play a match. "