Zhou Jinqiang elected as independent executive committee of the International Boxing Federation

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 15 (Reporter Lu Yuchen) According to the China Boxing Association's news on the 15th, the 2022 International Boxing Federation Congress was held in Istanbul, Turkey. Zhou Jinqiang, the chairman of the Chinese Boxing Association, was successfully elected as the independent executive committee of the International Boxing Federation.

  Representatives of boxing associations from 155 countries and regions attended the International Boxing Federation Congress, and Zhou Jinqiang attended the conference online.

  After a series of reforms by the International Boxing Federation, the General Assembly elected a new chairman and executive committee to further reform and improve the governance system of the International Boxing Federation, improve the financial situation, and increase support for athletes and member associations. Promote the boxing program to continue to develop in the direction of fairness, transparency and integrity.

Kremlev, the current president of the International Boxing Federation, was successfully re-elected.

  A total of 20 candidates from five continents participated in the election of the Independent Executive Committee.

According to the statutes of the International Boxing Federation, at least 5 women should be included in the 10 independent executive committees voted for, and there should be at least 1 executive committee member from each continent.

After voting, Zhou Jinqiang and 9 other representatives from the United States, Morocco, Australia and other countries and regions were elected.

  After being elected, Zhou Jinqiang said that after serving as the chairman of the China Boxing Association in 2021, he feels a great responsibility to return to the management position of the boxing project again, "I hope to lead the China Boxing Association and the Chinese boxing team to achieve greater glory during my term of office, and at the same time for the future. To contribute to the development of world boxing".