Naohisa Takato, a 60-kilometer gold medalist at the Tokyo Olympics who will participate in the tournament, said at a press conference, "I want to win seriously, I want to put out everything," ahead of the All Japan Championship, which decides the best judo in Japan by weight indiscriminately. "He said his enthusiasm.

The Judo All-Japan Championship will be held on the 29th at the Nippon Budokan in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, with spectators for the first time in three years.

In the tournament held indiscriminately by weight, in addition to players in the class over 100 kg such as Hyōga Ota aiming for the second consecutive victory and Hisayoshi Harasawa, the representative of the Tokyo Olympics, Takato who won the 60 kg class at the Tokyo Olympics Shohei Ono, who won the 73-kilometer class for the second time in a row, will participate.

Of these, Takato and Ota attended an online press conference on the 28th.

Takato, who will be participating for the second time, explained the reason why he decided to participate this time, "I may not have many chances to participate in the future even at the age of 28. There is no Tokyo Olympics. Since it was held by the audience, I also wanted to see the medalist live. "

Having practiced with players in the class over 100 kg for the tournament, he said, "I think I'm in a position to convey the wonder of judo as a gold medalist. I want to earnestly win and put everything out." He talked about his enthusiasm.

Ota, who is aiming for consecutive championships, said, "I can face in the best conditions without any major injuries. As a champion and also as a representative of the world championships, I would like to connect to the next one. I want to challenge myself. "