• The end of the match between OL and Losc (0-1) was marked on Sunday by a major refereeing controversy.

  • Clément Turpin, who had initially granted the equalizer to Lucas Paqueta (86th), came to recover a ball from the feet of Leo Jardim, then refused this goal after being warned by the referee assigned to the VAR for this match Mikael Lesage.

  • The DTN of French arbitration Pascal Garibian has just recognized this Monday in

    Le Progrès

    that this goal “should have been validated”.

In an exceptional situation, an exceptional reaction from French arbitration.

Just like in November 2019, when he admitted that a penalty should "not have been awarded" to OM against OL due to a handball from Morgan Sanson, Pascal Garibian has just reacted on Monday after the controversy at the end of the Lyon-Lille match (0-1).

The technical director of French arbitration told Le


that he had analyzed with his staff “the contentious situation” at the end of the match, when Lucas Paqueta took advantage of a missed clearance from Leo Jardim to equalize (86th).

Initially validated by Clément Turpin, this goal was subsequently refused after intervention by the VAR and analysis of replays on the edge of the field by the referee of the meeting.

"This goal should have been validated, as it had been on the pitch," says Pascal Garibian.

He missed a decisive angle of view for Clément Turpin

For him, the real problem comes from the images that were made available to Clément Turpin before he changed his decision.

“We realized that it was regrettable that all the angles of images offered could not be appreciated by the referee, specifies the head of French refereeing.

If one of the angles of view could suggest an excess of commitment from Mr. Paqueta during the clearance of the Lille goalkeeper, another angle, that coming from the left magnifying glass, showed that the initial decision of the referee to allowing the goal was the correct one.

Even if the sending of the images was done in a desire to propose to the referee to make his final choice, a flow is missing.


@FFF 🙏 mr Garibian explain to us why Mr Turpin who had judged the action perfectly is challenged by the VAR and must reconsider his decision this evening and that conversely in Paris the VAR does not tell him anything when the fault is made by Neymar? We need to understand🙏🙏

— Jean-Michel AULAS (@JM_Aulas) February 27, 2022

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According to Pascal Garibian, Clément Turpin could not therefore have seen the angle proving that the intervention of Lucas Paqueta was lawful.

Highly criticized by Leonardo for his decisions during the Nantes-PSG match last week, Mikaël Lesage was the referee assigned to the VAR management on Sunday evening from the Replay center in Paris.

"We recognize an error", concludes Pascal Garibian.

This frank speech on the part of the DTN of arbitration should partly satisfy Jean-Michel Aulas, who has challenged him twice since Sunday evening on Twitter.

Only in part, because his team will still be 10th, eight points from the crucial objective of a place in the Champions League, when they challenge Lorient on Friday evening.


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