China News Service, Beijing, February 13 (Reporter Pang Wuji) As the Winter Olympic Games are in full swing, the service team of Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village has also received frequent compliments from foreign athletes and representatives.

  Following the previous chairman of the Beijing Winter Olympics Coordination Committee of the International Olympic Committee, Samaranch, who liked and left a message in the athlete's restaurant, recently, IOC President Bach also visited Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village, dined in the athlete's restaurant, and had a chat with some athletes. comminicate.

After lunch, Bach specially left a message to praise the catering service of Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village, writing: "Thank you very much for your warm service and delicious food".

Bach left a message to praise the catering service of the Winter Olympic Village Photo courtesy of China Tourism Group

  Although Bach said a few days ago that he came to China just in time for the Chinese New Year, he has not eaten less dumplings recently, and he has gained weight.

But he still ordered three vegetarian three fresh dumplings when he chose a meal at the athlete's restaurant.

Wang Xu, the chef of the CTS Winter Olympics Service Team, introduced various sauces to Bach, and especially recommended soy sauce and vinegar.

Bach took the plate, added some soy sauce, and filled it with a spoonful of chili powder.

  Bach chatted with the athletes who came to eat at the Athlete's Restaurant that day.

When talking about the food experience and accommodation experience in Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village, an athlete pinched his face and said that his fat was deformed, and he even took out his ID photo for comparison.

  In the past two days, American snowboarders Sean White and Tessa Maud have posted the food of Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village on social media to express their love.

Sean White shared the athlete's restaurant via video, saying that it not only has everything in it, but also praised the food as "very delicious".

Official Letter of Appreciation from the U.S. Delegation Photo courtesy of China Tourism Group

  The CTS Winter Olympics service team told a reporter from that they also received an official letter of thanks from the US delegation on the 11th.

  The letter mentioned that during the most complicated transition period, which was the large-scale transition of American team players from February 9 to 10, the service staff exceeded expectations and completed the cleaning and cleaning of the room in time, making the newcomers feel very welcome. .