• The Girondins de Bordeaux are doing badly.

    Very bad.

    They showed it again in Strasbourg on Wednesday, with a heavy 5-2 loss.

  • "My first feeling is shame," admitted Bordeaux striker Jimmy Briand.

  • “In training, everything is perfectly clear but during the match, when there is the rhythm, we still do not end up making mistakes.

    Too many simple mistakes, ”regretted coach Vladimir Petkovic.

At the Meinau stadium in Strasbourg,

But how far will they go?

When will the nightmare end?

These questions, Girondins supporters must be asking themselves for a few weeks.

Some months.

Even a few years, as their beloved club has continued to decline since its superb title in 2009. The following year, the band at Laurent Blanc had even enchanted Europe until the quarter-finals of the Champions League!

Another era… This 2021-2022 vintage will perhaps also be remembered, but for other reasons.

It must be written clearly: the current Bordeaux team has everything to go to Ligue 2 at the end of the season.

After the spanking received in Strasbourg on Wednesday (5-2), Vladimir Petkovic's players are now in 18th place in Ligue 1. With just a small point ahead of the last, Metz and Saint-Etienne.

Worse, this training is very scary to see.

The match in Alsace proved it again and allowed this collective nothingness to be spread a little more.

Not a movement worthy of the name, no idea of ​​a game, no common benchmarks.


In addition, Vladimir Petkovic's players led the score after seven minutes.

On the first foray into the Strasbourg camp, Adli had centered for Hwang, who had deflected with a header to beat Sels.

A small miracle after a completely Alsatian start to the match.

"My first feeling is shame"

“We have the chance to open the scoring […] but afterwards, the scenario is repeated as it has been for several weeks. We have five, ten minutes of floating which cost us dear, “regrets Jimmy Briand, not on the lawn at that time. But one of the few to come to the mixed zone in front of the press. Without hiding behind his little finger. “My first feeling is shame,” admits the striker. “We saw our supporters again come to encourage us and we are not up to the task. We're bad. A lucid observation, that his trainer Vladimir Petkovic did not share. Three days after the muscular exit of the sports director of the Girondins, the coach preferred not to attack his players.

“The will is not lacking. The intentions are there, ”he said, especially regretting the big defensive mistakes of his team. “It's more a question of concentration, of decision, on which we must work […] In training, everything is perfectly clear but during the match, when there is the rhythm, we still do not finish making errors. Too many simple mistakes. »Which end with goals. The Bordelais are now at 37 cashed in 16 days!

In Alsace, Thomasson has already found himself strangely alone in the area on a cross to equalize (1-1, 22nd). Then, in three minutes, the Girondins saw the match completely escape them. Gregersen mowed down Sissoko for a penalty converted by Gameiro (2-1, 43rd) before the same defender was beaten by Ajorque (3-1, 45th). "We had five, ten minutes of floating that we paid dearly", summarizes Jimmy Briand, without wanting to complain.

The veteran is rather combative.

“Don't worry, we'll find the solutions.

We are going to put ourselves in our bubble and make a big blow against Lyon ”, he promises.

Still with Vladimir Petkovic on the bench?

Tonight, the coach said he was still "legitimate" to occupy the position.

But he also denied that 10th place was the goal of the season for the Girondins.

It does not matter whether it was displayed at the start of the season by the managers.

“Me, I never proclaimed it.

He did well.


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