Korean archery, which won four gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics, swept all the events at the world championships, including the men's individual event, which was missed at the Olympics.

Woojin Kim and Minhee Jang won the men's and women's individual competitions.

Correspondent Seo Dae-won.


Kim Woo-jin hit a wedge with a Brazilian player in the final with 5 sets and 10 points in a row leading 5-3.

The opponent who lost the will to pursue shot the last shot at 8 points, and Kim Woo-jin finished the game with 9 points with plenty of time.

Kim Woo-jin won three gold medals following the men's team event and the mixed match with Ansan.

Kim Woo-jin is the first in history to win three World Championships among men and women.

[Kim Woo-jin / 3rd World Archery Championships: Following the Olympics, thank you so much for your support and interest in this World Championship.

I hope that you will continue to receive such support and help the development of Korean archery.

Thank you.] In the

women's individual event, Jang Min-hee defeated Ansan and reached the final by defeating the American Cofold 6-0.

Ansan won the bronze medal by defeating the Mexican player in the 3rd and 4th place match, and harvested three medals following the mixed and team gold medals.

Korean archery, which dominated all sports for the first time in 12 years, swept all five sports for the first time since the establishment of mixed events.

(Video editing: Oh Young-taek)