[The 14th National Games] Looking back at the "famous scenes" of the popular Olympic athletes in the National Games

  On September 27, the 14th National Games ushered in the closing day.

Over the past 13 days, 12,000 athletes competed for the National Games.

During the competition, Yang Qian lit the main torch and Su Bingtian won two gold medals, which became the "famous scenes" at the National Games, which left a deep memory.

  1. Yang Qian lights the main torch

  On the evening of September 15, the 14th National Games opened in Xi'an, Shaanxi.

At the end of the opening ceremony, shooter Yang Qian, who won the first gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, lit the main torch.

The flame of the National Games blazing, also pushed the atmosphere of the opening ceremony to a climax.

  After the start of the game, Yang Qian ended with two gold medals in the mixed team and women's team and a bronze medal in the individual competition.

  [Concurrent] Yang Qian, the first gold winner of the Tokyo Olympics and the champion of the National Games shooting women's 10m air rifle team competition

  For me, I will still do my job well in the future, which is to do well in training and learning.

  2. Su Bingtian finally won his first National Games gold medal

  On September 21, at the Xi'an Olympic Sports Center on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Su Bingtian set a record for the National Games with a time of 10 seconds and won his first National Games gold medal.

  Three days later, his teammate from the Tokyo Olympics won the men's 4 x 100m relay gold medal.

With two gold and one silver results, Su Bingtian's trip to Shaanxi can be described as a complete success.

  [Concurrent] National Games men's 100 meters champion Su Bingtian

  Today is also this Mid-Autumn Festival, and we use one of our most exciting performances to give back to everyone a heartfelt gift.

I think today is not only the most popular 100m race in Chinese track and field history, but also a defense (honor) battle for us veterans.

  3. "Kangaroo shaking hands" staged

  At the Tokyo Olympics, Guan Chenchen, who won the balance beam event, became popular with the "Kangaroo shaking hands" action.

On September 20, the women's gymnastics competition of the 14th National Games kicked off.

With the cheers of the audience, Guan Chenchen reproduced the action of "Kangaroo shaking hands" in the women's qualifying match that day.

  In the National Games, Guan Chenchen's Zhejiang team ranked fourth in the women's gymnastics team; she ranked fifth on the balance beam.

Although she missed the medal at the National Games, she is still optimistic and cheerful.

  [Concurrent] Tokyo Olympic Games Women's Gymnastics Balance Beam Champion Guan Chenchen

  I still feel like I have grown up.

Just imagine (the game) was a stage to show yourself.

Regardless of the final result, it was worth it if I showed it to my favorite audience.

  4. Zhang Yufei became a swimming pool "model worker" again

  In this National Games, Zhang Yufei participated in a total of eight individual and collective competitions in eight competition days, and once again reproduced the performance of "model workers" in the Tokyo Olympics.

  During the National Games tour, Zhang Yufei won 4 gold and 1 silver in the swimming pool, which also made the public look forward to the future performance of the new generation of "Queen Butterfly".

  [Concurrent period] Zhang Yufei, champion of women's 200-meter butterfly and champion of women's 4×200-meter freestyle relay at the Tokyo Olympics

  Just go for a new day every day, just use it up and then charge again, and then charge again.

(How to charge) Sleep.

  5. "The strongest on the surface" table tennis fierce battle

  At the National Games, table tennis competitions are highly sought after for bringing competition beyond the level of world competitions, and are also known as "the strongest event on the surface."

  Among them, in the most popular men's singles final, Fan Zhendong defeated the biggest dark horse Liu Dingshuo and won the gold medal in the National Games for the first time.

  [Concurrent] Fan Zhendong, the champion of table tennis men's singles at the National Games

  In fact, the overall confrontation in singles is still very strong this time. Sometimes I feel a little bit close when I want to get back that feeling after I'm leading. So I still require to be completely focused on the game from start to finish.

  As the Shaanxi National Games ended successfully, let us look forward to the "Greater Bay Area Pact" in four years' time.

  Comprehensive report by reporter Xu Pengpeng

Editor in charge: [Yu Xiao]