Image source: F1 official Weibo

  Chinanews client, September 27th, on the 26th local time, the F1 Russian Grand Prix this season was held at the Sochi circuit.

The Mercedes team Hamilton won the championship, which was also his 100th Grand Prix in his career, thus becoming the first 100-time driver in F1 history.

  In the race, Lando Norris, who won his first pole position in his career, led the lead for a long time with steady performance. However, the race arose after rain in the last few laps.

Norris, who took the lead all the way, did not choose to replace the semi-rain tires in time, and ended up only seventh.

  Hamilton succeeded in winning the championship with his timely selection of pit stops.

Verstappen, who started from the back of the team, also took advantage of the chaos in the last moments to get runner-up.

Sainz returned to third at the last minute and grabbed the podium.

Ricardo, Bottas and Alonso ranked fourth to sixth, Raikkonen finished eighth, and successfully scored points in the first leg after the "return".

  Hamilton said after the race, "I want to say a big thank you to the fans here. It took a long time to finally reach the 100th victory. I am not even sure if it will come. Lando played very well here. I also want to thank the people in the team and the factory very much!"

  Regarding Hamilton's performance, F1 officials also issued a statement: "From McLaren to Mercedes, from rookie to seven crowns, in 14 years of professional career, Hamilton has won the 100th Grand Prix of his career! Become the first in F1 history. Hundred championships! His career is legendary." (End)