A message of firmness.

RC Lens intends to be uncompromising with regard to the supporters who invaded the lawn of Bollaert on Saturday, at half-time in the L1 match against Lille (1-0).

“The sanctions range from 9 to 36 months of stadium ban, mixing a firm [18 months maximum] with a reprieve, announced Friday Arnaud Pouille, General Manager of Racing, at a press conference.

In some cases, these bans will be accompanied by a complaint if violent behavior is suspected.


Its sanctions decided by the club concern "all the identified persons who would have entered the field".

The economic consequences are significant for the RCL: 30,000 euros for repairs and 100,000 euros of investment planned to reorganize the visitor parking lot.

"As long as we have not acted at this level, the bottom of the parking lot will be closed," said Arnaud Pouille, while the incidents left six lightly injured and two spectators were arrested.

To this sum is added 2 million euros of deadweight loss for the closed-door receptions of Strasbourg (0-1) and Reims (October 1) after the sanction imposed as a precaution by the disciplinary committee of the LFP, in the 'waiting for the investigation of the case.

The final decisions will be known on October 6.


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