The Norwegian ski jumper Daniel-André Tande is training on the hill again five months after his serious fall while ski flying in Planica.

"It's fantastic to finally be able to jump again," said Tande in a video published by the World Federation FIS this Tuesday.

"I'm a bit surprised that the level of my jumps seems to be pretty good."

Fall in the trial run

Tande had been in a coma in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana for several days after his fall in the trial run before the ski flying World Cup in Planica, Slovenia in March.

He was only released from the hospital after 19 days.

He suffered a broken collarbone and a punctured lung.

The doctors also found four internal cerebral hemorrhages.

"If they had been bigger, I would have been able to wake up like a completely different person," the 27-year-old had said last.

In April Tande was appointed to the Norwegian team for the Olympic winter by head coach Alexander Stöckl.

In June Tande got back into training.

Tande had been looking forward to his first training jumps for a long time. “It was difficult for me to see my teammates jumping and just watch,” he said. "When I changed, I was a little more nervous than usual." Everything was then back to normal on the hill.