Ryo Kiyuna, who won the gold medal in karate held as a new competition at the Tokyo Olympics, and Ryutaro Araga, who won the bronze medal, have been appointed as new directors of the Japan Karate Federation (Japan Karate Federation).

On the 21st, the Japan Karate Federation held a board of councilors in Tokyo and approved the appointment of Ryo Kiyuna and Araga as directors.

The term of office of the two is from 21st to 2 years.

According to the federation, the two are expected to play a role in communicating the voices of the athletes to the federation, in addition to their past achievements, including winning medals, as well as their efforts and attitudes to improve their competitiveness.

Kiyuna is 31 years old from Okinawa prefecture.

At the Tokyo Olympics, he won the gold medal in the men's form.

Araga is 30 years old from Kyoto prefecture.

He won the bronze medal in a class that weighs more than 75 kg for men's kumite.

It is unusual for an active Olympic medalist to be appointed to the board of directors of the federation, so he will play the role of a "bridge" with athletes while belonging to the athlete committee of the federation in the future.

Karate was held as a new competition at the Tokyo Games, but it will not be adopted at the next Paris Games.

Ryo Kiyuna said, "I wish I could contribute as much as possible by reflecting the voices of the athletes. I would like to do my best to revive karate in the Olympic Games." Araga said, "I will be a medalist when karate is held again at the Olympic Games." I want to improve my competitiveness so that I can put it out. "