Today, the women's national team can secure Sweden's third gold this Olympics, when they face Canada in the final.

It would also be the national team's first gold medal since the European Championship gold in 1984.

Therese Sjögran has, among other things, won World Cup silver and World Cup bronze, and she now hopes that the gold will come.

- We have not won a championship since 1984 so a gold medal would mean a lot to Swedish football.

We have a great chance to win and we have played good football throughout the championship, says Therese Sjögran.

With its 214 international matches, Sjögran is the player with the second most international matches after team captain Caroline Seger.

Even though there is routine in the team, she also thinks it is nervous before the final.

- You should feel a lot before such a match.

It is clear that you are nervous as a player but it is controlled.

You yourself are a bit bouncy and you just want it to start, she tells SVT.

The Olympic final between Sweden and Canada will be played at 14.00 Swedish time.

CLIP: Sweden defeated Australia - ready for Olympic final (August 2)

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Sweden defeated Australia - ready for the Olympic final.

Photo: Bildbyrån