Masaaki Hiromura, who designed the "pictogram" that attracted attention at the performance of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, said at a press conference, "I am very happy to have learned about the pictogram that conveys the dynamic feeling of athletes." He talked about the joy of being noticed.

At the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games held on July 23, a performance that reproduced the pictogram "pictogram" that imaged the competition was performed, and it became a big topic on SNS and so on.

The pictogram was first made at the last Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964 so that people all over the world could understand it regardless of language. At this competition, 50 kinds were made at the Olympic Games and 23 kinds at the Paralympics.

On the 2nd, designer Hiromura, who worked on the pictogram design team, attended a press conference of the IOC = International Olympic Committee and Organizing Committee and said, "A lot of people know about pictograms at the opening ceremony performance. I'm glad I got it, "he said.

He also touched on the production process, such as collaborating with each competition group in order to convey the appeal of the competition, and said, "I tried to convey the dynamic feeling of the athlete, although it was as simple as possible."