Naoto Tobe, a Japanese athlete who has advanced to the finals for the first time in 49 years, sank to 13th place at the Tokyo Olympics, the men's track and field Tokyo Olympics, and the men's high jump on land.

What happened during the two days from qualifying to the final?

Results far below personal best

Tobe who jumped 2 meters and 28 centimeters lightly in the qualifying two days ago.

The record for the final was only 2 meters and 24 centimeters.

I felt something was wrong about 20 minutes before the final.

Tobe was peeling off the brown tape that had been piled up from the left heel to the calf.

After qualifying, Tobe revealed that he had a feeling of discomfort in his legs, but said he didn't feel any problems.

However, the situation at the stadium at this time seemed to be anxious.

That anxiety became a reality from the first leap.

I failed 2 meters and 19 centimeters, which I should normally be able to jump without problems.

My body was touching the bar when I cleared it the second time.

The following 2 meters and 24 centimeters were successful once, but this was the last success.

It was far short of his personal best of 2 meters and 35 centimeters, and finished at the bottom of the 13 finalists.

In pain

When I talked to Tobe after the match, I got an unexpected word.

"I was able to make some adjustments within myself, and I thought I was in good physical condition, but I couldn't bounce well at the railroad crossing. I think the challenge is to make adjustments until the match."

About pain in the left leg Did not touch and did not make any good reason.

I felt pride as a Japanese record holder.

Still, when I asked him about the condition of his legs, he revealed.

"I've been thinking that I'm a little worried since last week, and that turned into pain in the qualifying for the day before yesterday."

After being selected as the representative, Tobe worked on improving the run-up, and before he hurt his leg, he said, "I corrected it so that it wouldn't float in the first step of the run-up, and it got better together." ..

However, I wasn't in the right condition to show the response in the important production.

Towards Paris

After the match, he said, "Adjustment for the match, including the matter of legs, is an issue for the future. I'm really disappointed, so I'd like to devote myself to Paris three years later so that I can return this debt at the Olympics."

Tobe has the ability to finish in 4th place in this tournament as long as he has a personal best record.

The first Olympics have become bittersweet, but with the knowledge of high jumps and world-class physical abilities to earn a PhD in graduate school, we will head to Paris for revenge.