The Japan national team for the Tokyo Olympics and softball will face Italy in the third qualifying league match at Yokohama Stadium from 8:00 pm.

So far, the Japanese national team has won two consecutive victories, and it is a match that I want to definitely win to advance to the final tournament.

In the latest world rankings, Japan is second and Italy is ninth.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the match.

The starting pitcher in Japan is Goto, who has a good relief from the previous game.

1 [Middle] Eri Yamada

2 [Right] Nodoka Harada 

3 [1] Miho Naito

4 [3] Yu Yamamoto

5 [Finger] Yamato Fujita

6 [Left] Saki Yamazaki

7 [2] Hitomi Kawabata

8 [Capture] Yuka Gazuma

9 [ Yu] Atsumi Mana

starting pitcher Nozomi Goto starting pitcher is Goto

who showed a good relief in the previous game.

Japan has kept the pitchers down to 3 points in total in the past two games.

In the fielder, Yamato Fujita has hit a home run for two games in a row and is pulling the line.

If Japan can capture the opponent's pitcher, the chances of winning will be visible.

Second strike Italian starting lineup

1 [Left] Laura Vina

2 [Play] Amanda Pharma

3 [Fingers] Emily Carosone

4 [Capture] Erica


5 [3] Giulia Longhi

6 [Middle] Andrea Howard 

7 [2] Andrea Philel

8 [Right] Beatrice

Ricchi 9 [1] Giulia Koutsoyanoplos

Starting pitcher Alessia


Italy has participated in the past two Olympic Games, but has not won any medals. This tournament has been shut out for two games in a row so far, but ace pitcher Greta Cecchetti has shown stable pitching with three goals in 10 innings in both games.