Ozeki and Terunofuji, who achieved a good result of 14 wins and 1 loss at the Grand Sumo Tournament Nagoya, will be promoted to the 73rd Yokozuna today.

The Japan Sumo Association will officially decide to promote Terunofuji to the 73rd Yokozuna at the Banzuke meeting and the extraordinary board meeting held in Tokyo today.

After that, he sent a messenger to the Isegahama room in Koto-ku, Tokyo, to which Terunofuji belongs, and told him that he had officially decided to promote Yokozuna.

Terunofuji is supposed to state his determination as a yokozuna on the spot.

Terunofuji won the championship for the first time as Ozeki in the summer place, and in the Nagoya place, he experienced the first black star in Chiakiraku, but he achieved a good result of 14 wins and 1 loss.

The birth of yokozuna is the first in Reiwa in four and a half years since the rare village after the beginning of 2017.

Terunofuji is 29 years old from Mongolia.

Although he was promoted to Ozeki after the summer of 2015, the ranking was temporarily lowered to the second stage due to the effects of knee injuries and diabetes.

This is the first time since the Showa era that a wrestler who has been downgraded from Ozeki to below the flat curtain has been promoted to Yokozuna.

This is the seventh yokozuna from a foreign country after Tsururyu.