Pitcher Tomoyuki Sugano, a giant ace who had been appointed as the Japan National Baseball Team for the Tokyo Olympics, has declined to represent Japan due to poor conditions.

Pitcher Kanno was deregistered as a player in the 1st army due to readjustment on the 16th of last month when the unofficial members of the Tokyo Olympics were announced, and returned to the 1st army on the 1st of this month to start the match against Hiroshima. I couldn't show the original pitching with 4 runs in the middle of the round.

Pitcher Kanno was deregistered as a player on the 2nd and declined to represent Japan on the 3rd due to poor conditions.

Pitcher Sugano has been deregistered as a player four times so far this season, and has not been able to achieve the desired results with 2 wins and 4 losses and an ERA of 3.29.

Kanno "I'm sorry to support you in the hope of a gold medal."

Pitcher Kanno said, "Throwing at the Olympic mound was one of my goals and a big admiration. I'm really sorry that I declined. Director Inaba and coach who chose me even though I wasn't feeling well this season. I'm really grateful to Mina-san. I'm so sorry that I couldn't live up to that expectation and that I couldn't show the fans who supported me to go up to the mound. I can't fight, but I'll do my best to win the gold medal, "he commented through the team.

This is the third person to decline from the job offer, following Hiroshima catcher Tsubasa Aizawa and pitcher Kota Nakagawa, who is the left relief pitcher of the giant.