The Tokyo Olympic Torch Relay will be held in Hokkaido on the 14th and 2nd day.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, all relays on public roads will be canceled, and as an alternative event, an ignition ceremony will be held in Sapporo on the 13th.

Initially, about 200 runners planned to connect the 18 cities and towns in Hokkaido for two days from the 13th, but the relay on public roads was canceled due to the extension of the state of emergency. I did.

As an alternative event on the 14th, an ignition ceremony will be held at the "Sapporo Kita 3-jo Plaza" scheduled for the goal point on the second day.

At the ceremony, Somu Yukawa (13), who attends a junior high school in Sapporo, will ignite the torch plate on the stage on behalf of the torchbearer.

The ceremony is held without the general public, and the Games Organizing Committee and Michi are calling for viewing on NHK and online broadcasts distributed by Michi.